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I`ve seen it happening a few times now. People see a painting and make a true connection with it. It`s something beautiful to observe. It is why I paint. I can happily let a painting go when I know the connectivity between customer and picture is there. Then, together with the buyer, finding the best spot to hang the painting and see it in its new home completes the circle. The price of my work depends upon size, material and technique. If you are interested, contact me and we can discuss the possibilities. Of course, shipping the painting to your home address is always possible.


For me, it`s a big honour when someone invites me to paint them a picture. To create a work for someone specific and a chosen spot, is each time a completely different experience. As the vibes of my client(s) are connecting with my energy, and both come together in the painting. It is a tense moment when customer and painting meet for the first time. I`ve seen it both live and virtually through online sessions. It`s always intense and beautiful, this moment of disclosure.
If you feel this is something you would like to experience: to get a painting especially for you, or to give a very special present to someone close to you. We`ll talk first about your wishes, favourite colour palette and preferences in style. Then we can agree on size and materials to be used.
Price will depend on size, material and technique. The possibilities start from 500 CHF for a painting of 40×60 cm`s. As I construct my canvasses myself every size is possible. I also request a 20% payment upfront as coverage for the materials and confirmation of our contract.




I love the vibe and energy that come together in a creative brainstorm. Through the years I`ve organised many events, I just love it. Big anniversaries for over a thousand guests, but as well intimate dinners where the styling needed to be perfect, or just a gathering with friends or family in a very special place. I`ve a nose for new and special things, the creativity to improvise when necessary, an eye for detail and the enthusiasm, communication skills and mentality to get a team going to achieve the ultimate, together.
Styling is a natural talent for me. I`ve a good sense for volume, proportion, flow, colour and materials, to translate from customers wishes into concrete changes in rooms. Sometimes small by just moving some elements around, sometimes bigger with new colours and new furniture. Once, I even did the full interior design and the project management for it, for someone who decided he wanted a new home without moving.
If you are stuck in your own interior, have to organise an event and don`t know where to start or are in need of creative input to kickstart your project, I will happily help you out. Our first meeting is always free of charge. Based on your needs and wishes I`ll make a proposal on content and budget accordingly. Depending on the project I`m open to give my input voluntarily as well.


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