on the plane

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Sometimes you have the luck to meet up with beautiful people unexpectedly. Six weeks ago I took the early morning flight from Basel to Amsterdam. Departure at 6.50, yes really early. I don`t know about you, but I’m not the most talkative person at this time in the morning. So I was happy to find out I was only with one other lady in a row of three. Litrally a bit more space to wake up. I snoozed a bit and so did my neighbour. Toward the end of the flight I picked up my book. The book that made my neighbour connect with me.

>> may I ask you something
>> where did you get that book?
I bought it directly from the writer after a coaching week
>> were you in Val Sinestra?
Uhhh yes… -big eyes- how do you know
>> I met her the weekend after at a seminar
Uhh ok, that’s a coincidence, wow
We chatted a bit and with every sentence our eyes got bigger. It seems we previously lived around the corner in Enkhuizen in Holland without knowing. We had the same yoga teacher and this lady had told her several times to contact me because she thought that would be a good combination. I worked closely with her husband. And now it works out she lives just one village away from Basel. How bizar. How beautiful. Can`t wait to see her in half an hour and drink coffee together.

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