These days I feel more connected than ever before. Love brought me to Basel, Switzerland. I`ve realised I want to work with the talents given to me. To be creative, to paint, to connect with as many beautiful people as possible. Experience more of painting on the energy vibes of my customers, so I can make them a painting that is connected with their true being. I would love to see more of the world, its mystics, its inhabitants. To be able to turn these experiences into art. To write about that. And then to see what it does to other people. To help them to look within and take them further on their journey. I feel blessed that I`m now able to see the world in all its beauty and I want to encourage you to take a second look as well.


I was born and raised in a small village in the Netherlands in the 1980`s. Life was good and simple. Surrounded by a loving family, my school with friends around the corner and a green lawn in front of our doorstep. Every Wednesday afternoon I went to the library to get a new pile of books. It was and to be fair, still is, a feeling of great happiness to lose myself into other worlds. School was easy as I was keen to learn and soaking up all new information like a sponge. Already back then I wanted to understand the why behind things. Whilst I read mostly in the evenings, during the day I was busy with my hands. Colouring, drawing, building, cutting, creating and so on. The excitement about paper, colours, letters and paint has been there ever since.

Looking back my teenage years were somewhat more down. I felt stuck in the school system with all its liabilities, lost my interest in the things I loved to do and an insecurity came over me. On a deeper level I felt disconnected with these systems and the aim of preparation for a business career. Back then I didn`t realise this and carried on as everybody else did. My marks were good and I passed my exams on the highest level relatively easily. Next to school I had various jobs during weekends and holidays to be financially independent. Four years later I was the proud owner of a Bachelor Degree in Facility Management and ready to kickstart my career. And I did. Working hard with my natural enthusiasm, keenness to get things rightly sorted out and a drive to make things work. I succeeded in various management roles, stepped from one role into the other and gradually climbed up the career ladder.

Laura at work

During my mid-twenties I got my first insights in high sensitivity and the world behind our visible world. It opened my eyes and fascinated me. It was beautiful to find recognition and discover that I was not alone in the way I feel and experience things. More and more I started to understand myself and with that the universe and its connectivity. I re-invented my creativity with a study in Interior Design. To free myself of the pressure to fit into companies systems I started to work on a freelance basis. I combined my talents and successfully ran various projects for multinationals, regional smaller companies and private persons. Though, the true spark within me was missing. With the path I took I had moved away from my husband. To stay true to ourselves we decided to split up. Although it was a sad and far from easy period, I learned so much about myself and still feel proud that I dared to follow my instinct. My life started to flow and changes were followed by more changes. It felt right. I felt so much faith in life and the path I was on, wow. I realise it is time to show my true self to the world. To no longer hide. To go for it. The time is now.


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