growing together

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There she goes. Two years later than anticipated she found her home. I’m very happy somebody finds her as beautiful as I do. Somebody strong enough to live with her.

I painted Growing Together two years ago under commission. A couple had seen some of my works and wanted one for themselves. I went over to their place, discussed their wishes and got to work in my atelier. Once finished the painting we contacted over Skype, me in Basel, them in Holland. They loved it. I organised transport to Holland and handed the painting personally. There their hesitation started. “The work is strong and intense, would it be too much for us?” In the end they decided not to buy it. A hard lesson to me. To understand it`s not me they reject but one of my works. To understand people like my work but do not have the strength to buy and live with it. To understand my work involves business as well, despite all tender, love & care I prefer to put my energy towards. To understand this and even more difficult, to accept this all took me a while. I got through phases of insecurity and anger. To the point I almost sold the work for an ikea price. It was there and then a little voice inside telling me a buyer will come sooner or later. That I should not give my paintings away. It is the value I give it myself, that will be reflected in the physical world.

The buyer came. At a very unexpected occasion. I met her during a coaching week for high sensitives. She saw the painting on my website and got struck by it. We agreed a weekend she could come over to Basel to connect with it and make sure she wants to buy it. Somebody wants to come over from Holland to Basel to meet one of my paintings… wow!! And a great meeting it was. I felt this lady is the exact right person to buy the painting. As she came in by plane she could not take the painting because of its size. But hey, there’s the universe at work again: a friend of hers needs to be in Basel a few weeks later. With a minivan. And that day is today. She just has been picked up.

Growing together, when I gave her this title two years ago I couldn’t see it coming it was me who needed to grow with her. To learn the lessons I had to learn. To now be fully ready to let her go home.

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