on the plane

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Sometimes you have the luck to meet up with beautiful people unexpectedly. Six weeks ago I took the early morning flight from Basel to Amsterdam. Departure at 6.50, yes really early. I don`t know about you, but I’m not the most talkative person at this time in the morning. So I was happy to find out I was only with one other lady in a row of three. Litrally a bit more space to wake up. I snoozed a bit and so did my neighbour. Toward the end of the flight I picked up my book. The book that made my neighbour connect with me.

>> may I ask you something
>> where did you get that book?
I bought it directly from the writer after a coaching week
>> were you in Val Sinestra?
Uhhh yes… -big eyes- how do you know
>> I met her the weekend after at a seminar
Uhh ok, that’s a coincidence, wow
We chatted a bit and with every sentence our eyes got bigger. It seems we previously lived around the corner in Enkhuizen in Holland without knowing. We had the same yoga teacher and this lady had told her several times to contact me because she thought that would be a good combination. I worked closely with her husband. And now it works out she lives just one village away from Basel. How bizar. How beautiful. Can`t wait to see her in half an hour and drink coffee together.

growing together

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There she goes. Two years later than anticipated she found her home. I’m very happy somebody finds her as beautiful as I do. Somebody strong enough to live with her.

I painted Growing Together two years ago under commission. A couple had seen some of my works and wanted one for themselves. I went over to their place, discussed their wishes and got to work in my atelier. Once finished the painting we contacted over Skype, me in Basel, them in Holland. They loved it. I organised transport to Holland and handed the painting personally. There their hesitation started. “The work is strong and intense, would it be too much for us?” In the end they decided not to buy it. A hard lesson to me. To understand it`s not me they reject but one of my works. To understand people like my work but do not have the strength to buy and live with it. To understand my work involves business as well, despite all tender, love & care I prefer to put my energy towards. To understand this and even more difficult, to accept this all took me a while. I got through phases of insecurity and anger. To the point I almost sold the work for an ikea price. It was there and then a little voice inside telling me a buyer will come sooner or later. That I should not give my paintings away. It is the value I give it myself, that will be reflected in the physical world.

The buyer came. At a very unexpected occasion. I met her during a coaching week for high sensitives. She saw the painting on my website and got struck by it. We agreed a weekend she could come over to Basel to connect with it and make sure she wants to buy it. Somebody wants to come over from Holland to Basel to meet one of my paintings… wow!! And a great meeting it was. I felt this lady is the exact right person to buy the painting. As she came in by plane she could not take the painting because of its size. But hey, there’s the universe at work again: a friend of hers needs to be in Basel a few weeks later. With a minivan. And that day is today. She just has been picked up.

Growing together, when I gave her this title two years ago I couldn’t see it coming it was me who needed to grow with her. To learn the lessons I had to learn. To now be fully ready to let her go home.

the girl in the red dress


Somewhere this spring there was a girl in a red dress. I have not seen her personally. At least not physically. It was Janneke who needed to see her. To find her at the most unexpected place. To give her a sign that this is the road she needs to be on. Janneke made a video about this beautiful moment and the impact it had on her being. I was touched by her story. By what she said and the way she said it.
Back in my atelier the next day I started a fresh work. All paintings for my upcoming exhibition were ready. It was a great feeling to just paint freely without any pressure or restriction. And there she came again. This girl in the red dress. Dancy, happy, open to embrace the world. I didn`t force her to come, it was basically her energy that inspired me subconsciously. This weird and wonderful energy that we can`t see but what`s everywhere inside and around us. 

A week later Janneke launched her first online course. I loved the idea of attending, only money wise I could not directly free the cash to do so. I made a deal with myself: the first painting I would sell at my exhibition would not only be used for daily costs, but fund for the course as well. And so I told Janneke. I wrote her an email. In the post scriptum I thanked her for her beautiful story about the girl in the red dress and how she had inspired me as well. I added a picture of the painting.
Soon Janneke wrote me back. She was touched by the picture. Maybe she would be my first buyer. We planned a Skype date so I could show her the picture in more detail. Her little watery eye told me this painting belonged to her. We agreed on the price. And now it was her telling me cash for a painting could not be freed up yet. This is how the magical story caries on. We manifest the money during our call. And another two weeks later Janneke confirmed she got the exact amount for a freelance job. Beautifully bizar, we couldn`t stop smiling about it.

One hurdle: how to get the painting safe to Janneke`s home? When it turned out that on my next trip to Holland I needed to be just around the corner from Janneke`s house I rolled my eyes. This seems to be all orchestrated. Even now, whilst writing this, all of a sudden my music jumps to a song called: keep rolling, followed by keep the faith… The girl in the red dress found her way home and is now brightly cheering Janneke`s living. The energetic strings between Janneke and myself keep being present which is funny and works on our consciousness. Janneke thank you for who you are, keep up the good work!


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Lieve Puck,
Nog maar 3 weken oud en nu al kijk je ons met grote nieuwsgierige ogen aan. Open en vol verwachting. Ik had de eer jouw kamertje te mogen verfraaien en je geboortekaartje te ontwerpen. Nu kan ik niet wachten je in mijn armen te houden en zachtjes een kusje op je voorhoofd te geven.
Tante Laura



Staying true to my heart

I thought I was
Until I realised I was`t
I knew I had to change
Let go of love
Let go of certainties

Embracing my fears
Embracing my light
Crushing my boyfriends heart
By leaving him behind

Despite the bruises
My energy flows
Feeding my creativity

Though, rough, bumpy
That is what it is

To stay true to my heart


It happens often. After a beautiful, special meeting yesterday. With a lady who wants to connect and work with me on my new project. I feel drained and kind of lost today. Instead of pretending I`m all fine, or hiding in bed blaming life for being unfair. I just wrote a poem. Or did the poem wrote itself? Fact is that I`m feeling better now. Even a little smile tries to creep up my mouth.
Dare to be unfinishedShow your whole selfBe calmnot stressedBe thankfulnot afraidYou are looked afternot aloneDare to be freeand show all beauty you have

Expand your horizon


It strikes me that children are much less conditioned than adults. They awaken a spontaneity in me that thrills. They make it so easy to be happy. Whilst playing, barriers disappear and inside this bubble the world does not exist. Anything is possible. Try as often as you can to view the world through the eyes of a child. Curious, astonished, wide open and without fear.


links-1Regularly people look a little confused when I hand them my business card. Art, Interior Design, Project Management….Button??? For me the button symbolises connectivity. The connection is in the variety of work and projects I find myself involved in. As well as a symbol for the various layers every person has, which are sometimes contrasting, but always connected within this one person. The feeling of connectivity with my clients allows me to use my creativity as an extension of their true selves. To me it`s beautiful that something as simple as a button has a much wider meaning.

I’m not everyone I`m me..

aboutme_labelThis text was on the label of a cardigan I bought. Text and powerful colour immediately put a smile on my face. Our clothes tell us something about who we are, as do our interiors. Personally I prefer doing things a touch differently, a dress with a funny print or a pair of trousers with well defined detail. In my profession as an interior designer I know what`s out there and am informed about the newest designs. And honestly, occaisionally that makes me Miss I-Want-It-All. My parents raised me with the idea of being pleased with what you have, and taught me that the outside is not the most important thing in life. What`s inside you and what you share with others counts for so much more. I know and believe in this truth, but what to do if your heart is full of design, colour, patterns……..all having to do with the outside, the world around us? For me it starts by showing from the inside out who you really are. Using clothes and interiors to reveal the true you, by seeing these elements as an extension of yourself. Not following fashion blindly, but taking the time to discover what really fits, which colours and shapes make you truly happy. Dress yourself in a way that makes your beautiful curves more beautiful, and try to look at your living space in the same way. Whilst making a design for a personal or professional environment, this is where I start. How can we strengthen the various elements of a room by using the right colours and furniture? Which qualities of the owners will we pay special attention to? In this way I try to catch uniqueness and translate that into form. The biggest compliment? That the new situation feels like an old cardigan.