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Lieve Puck,
Nog maar 3 weken oud en nu al kijk je ons met grote nieuwsgierige ogen aan. Open en vol verwachting. Ik had de eer jouw kamertje te mogen verfraaien en je geboortekaartje te ontwerpen. Nu kan ik niet wachten je in mijn armen te houden en zachtjes een kusje op je voorhoofd te geven.
Tante Laura

Little gift

My beautiful little nephew is growing quickly. A year ago he was still safely living in his mothers belly.
I made a small canvas with a little poem to celebrate the pregnancy.

present pregnancy

hello dear little wonder
that you may grow well
safely in your mamas belly,
together with your dad
she`s preparing a warm nest
where you can be born
in all the love they have


NostalgiaWhen browsing through a local books-papers-cards-etcetc-shop I encountered a whole shelf full of origami paper. As a girl I spent hours and hours folding and creating with these beautiful Japanese papers. And now it seems that origami is still there, it just disappeared from my radar.. My partner encouraged me to buy a packet, as he saw my sparkly eyes. Back at home I discovered there’s a whole origami world on the internet, people creating the most beautiful items. I was amazed.. The most funny thing in the end was my mum and younger brother showing up with boxes full of paper and instructions from more than 20 years back. History repeats itself.