on the plane

Sometimes you have the luck to meet up with beautiful people unexpectedly. Six weeks ago I took the early morning flight from Basel to Amsterdam. Departure at 6.50, yes really early. I don`t know about you, but I’m not the most talkative person at this time in the morning. So …

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growing together

There she goes. Two years later than anticipated she found her home. I’m very happy somebody finds her as beautiful as I do. Somebody strong enough to live with her. I painted Growing Together two years ago under commission. A couple had seen some of my works and wanted one …

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Lieve Puck, Nog maar 3 weken oud en nu al kijk je ons met grote nieuwsgierige ogen aan. Open en vol verwachting. Ik had de eer jouw kamertje te mogen verfraaien en je geboortekaartje te ontwerpen. Nu kan ik niet wachten je in mijn armen te houden en zachtjes een …

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Staying true to my heart I thought I was Until I realised I was`t I knew I had to change Let go of love Let go of certainties Embracing my fears Embracing my light Crushing my boyfriends heart By leaving him behind Despite the bruises My energy flows Feeding my creativity Though, rough, bumpy That is what it is To stay true to my heart


It happens often. After a beautiful, special meeting yesterday. With a lady who wants to connect and work with me on my new project. I feel drained and kind of lost today. Instead of pretending I`m all fine, or hiding in bed blaming life for being unfair. I just wrote …

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